In the old days the general practitioner was able to handle the many needs of his or her clients. Today it’s not possible. Geisler Patterson Law focuses exclusively on estate planning and elder law issues, working tirelessly just to keep up with the many laws and exceptions that are relative to this area of law. It is impossible for general practitioners or those who practice in other areas to have a comprehensive, competent knowledge to serve clients. Martha Patterson enjoys working with general practitioners and those attorneys that practice in specific areas other than estate planning. Martha Patterson has a simple process to help you identify when our help will be needed or if we can guide you to assist a client directly. Martha Patterson really appreciates her relationship with lawyers. Contact us to identify how we can support you and your clients and help make you part of the client’s solution.

Banking Professionals

Bankers share a special relationship with their clients. At Geisler Patterson Law, we enjoy working with bankers to help develop that relationship to a whole new level. One of the biggest challenges to banking institutions is communication between the bank and the financial services division associated with it. Our planning process helps bridge that gap and identify ways for the different departments of the bank to work more effectively together. We can help you with your clients. We can help you develop deeper relations with the client and extend those to other family members just by utilizing our process. Often, our systems and processes also support you and minimize the amount of work you have in relations with your clients.


The fundamental benefit of working with us is our bedrock belief of your importance to the estate planning process. To create a successful estate plan, it is essential to ensure all clients’ assets are lined up with the legal documents they create. Having to utilize multiple financial professionals is counterproductive for the client and often leads to failed plans. We highly recommend our clients consolidate their financial assets with one (no more than two) financial professional whom they trust. We believe while all eggs should not be in one basket, all baskets should be in one hen house. Having multiple advisors often leads to financial strategies that can actually conflict with each other. Further, the financial strategies chosen must be consistent with the legal strategies we help the client implement to ensure the clients’ goals are achieved. It is absolutely essential financial professionals communicate with our office and us with them, when dealing with clients to ensure the long-term goals of our mutual client, as created by the legal documents, actually do what the client thought they were going to do. We welcome new relationships and always encourage the growth of established relationships. Contact us to schedule a strategy meeting to discover how we can work together to better serve clients.