1. Caregiver: Did You Take Care of Your Planning?

    I meet many people who are in their 80s and 90s, and almost all of them are facing some kind of health challenge. I focus on making sure that my clients have a plan for both what happens when you die and what happens when you live and need help with care and paying your bills. Since most of my clients want help from their adult children they permit me to talk to their adult children, therefore as …Read More

  2. The MUST HAVE Holiday Conversation

    Holidays are just around the corner and families will be gathering to celebrate. This is the time of year when you are able to spend time with your parents. The Alzheimer’s association reports that at age 80 half of all people have some form of dementia, thus if your parents are in that age range chances are you may see signs of mental decline when you visit, and even if you don’t there are th…Read More

  3. The Uncomfortable Conversation about Healthcare Decisions

    It’s the Holidays and we all want to talk about Happy Times and Happy Memories. No one wants the memory of my friend who will always remember that just days after Christmas he was called to the hospital he was only 27, his grandmother was gravely ill. His parents were out of town and could not be reached so the doctors and nurses asked him if his grandmother wanted to be put on a breathing tube,…Read More

  4. The Law Has Changed Time to Update the Trust

    As I write this a New Tax Law has just been passed. After spending over 5 hours reading about the new law, the one thing I know is that like all laws whether or not you can benefit from any tax law is based upon your ability to find help in knowing how to make the law work best for YOU! The estate tax exemption (the amount of money you can pass to your heirs without an estate tax), has doubled; bu…Read More

  5. Asset Protection

    One of the opportunities an Estate Planning Attorney such as Martha Patterson has is to protect inheritances from Creditors. Martha Patterson understands that it is not unusual for someone to want to help a loved one who is facing money problems by leaving an inheritance to the person. Martha also understands that often people with money problems are not good at handling money, furthermore credito…Read More

  6. Veteran’s Benefits

    Did you know that more than 70 million Americans are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits and, in the next decade, the number of veterans 85 and older is expected to triple? Sadly, many individuals and families who are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits do not take advantage of them. For example, millions of wartime veterans and their spouses may be eligible for special monthly pension benefits solely…Read More

  7. Estate Planning

    One thing you can count on is that nothing is certain. Did you know that without simple documents in place to protect you and your family in the event of the unexpected, decisions will be made for you? If you die without a Will, the State has a plan for you. More often than not, the State’s plan does not match the decisions you would make, if you take the time to do some simple planning. When yo…Read More

  8. Helping You Qualify for Medi-Cal Legally and Honestly

    Did you know that thousands of Americans that are eligible for Medi-Cal for nursing home care never even apply for benefits? Yet postponing or avoiding this process means you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year. This is especially true if you are married and your loved one is in a Skilled Nursing Home. Nursing Home Costs will deplete your lives savings unless you have done proper plan…Read More


    Trust administration is a necessary process that occurs after the death of either one or both settlors. To protect the successor trustees, there are many things that must be done to ensure proper administration. Fortunately, working with an attorney for trust administration is a straightfprobate attorney burbank caorward process that will give the successor trustees a great peace of mind throughou…Read More

  10. Special Needs Trusts

    When a person hires an attorney to do their Estate Planning they want to provide for themselves and their loved ones during their lifetime, and upon their incapacity or death give what they want, when they want, and if they can save every last fee, tax or court cost possible. When a person has a disabled child they want their child to live as independently as possible in the family home. If it is …Read More